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Locate International uses Altia’s case management software in its Quest system to help solve long-standing mission person cases.

Having first been featured on Channel 5’s Vanished programme on 15 November 2023, Locate’s innovative Quest system, which is powered by Altia’s case management software – Insight – is gaining significant interest in its ability to help solve long-standing missing person cases.

Vanished highlighted the case of Marcus Rigby, who has been missing for 28 years, which was the first time Quest had been used on a live missing person case.

Most recently it’s also been featured on BBC East Midlands Today and BBC News England.

About Quest:

  • Quest launched in July 2023 at the Conference of Missing Children and Adults.

  • It’s an online analytical and investigative tool that collates and links information from family, friends and associates of the missing.

  • Quest was designed by Locate International and forensic psychologists at Goldsmith’s University. It’s smart, fully searchable platform is powered by Altia’s case management solution, Insight.

  • The structured, searchable and linked information can be used by Locate’s global community of specialist volunteers to conduct deep analysis of long-term missing persons cases.

Altia’s role

Altia’s case management software – Insight – powers Quest. It’s been developed by Altia over many years of working with police forces to ensure investigations are efficient and effective. It makes it quick and easy to collect, structure and find links in a large amount of information.

Huw Bristow, Altia CTO said:

“We worked with Locate to configure Insight to follow the process they wanted to use to carry out their investigations.

“Importantly, Insight is browser-based and easy to use so anyone who might have information can use it to add information to a case.

“It’s really important that families find it easy to use, at any time, in the privacy of their own homes – it’s the best possible chance of getting the full picture of the missing person and finding new lines of investigation.”

“It gives me hope.”
Nicola Earnshaw, sister of Marcus Rigby

“We’ve already found information about cases that are up to 40 years old,” David Grimstead, CEO Locate International

By applying technology to review case files, information has been found about cases that are up to 40 years old. Most importantly, Quest is giving the families of missing people hope of finding answers.

The benefits of Insight includes:

  • Intuitive workflows to improve the structure, governance and output of complex investigations.

  • Rapid information storage in a single intelligence database.

  • Create intelligence items and link them to the POLE database for advanced linking within and between cases.

  • Management and investigation-specific dashboards for oversight, monitoring and reporting..

  • Court-ready documents – the creation of robust portfolios of evidence which withstand close scrutiny in court.
  • Disclosure – evidence can be passed on to the defence team as required by law.

Records, investigation and case management all in one place.


Do you have information on a missing person?

If you have information about any missing person, please contact the Missing Persons Helpline: 116 000

Find out more about Locate International:

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