With over 8,000 staff delivering healthcare across Southmead Hospital Bristol, Cossham Hospital and Bristol Centre for Enablement, North Bristol NHS Trust provides hospital and community healthcare to the residents of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. It is also a regional centre for neurosciences, plastics, burns, orthopaedics and renal. It aims to deliver exceptional healthcare for all its patients and carers while supporting every member of staff.

The Trust’s security and parking team manage and maintain all elements of these areas across the Trust. Historically, it utilised a basic reporting system developed across Excel spreadsheets and an Access database to report security incidents. Incidents were initially recorded on paper and entered into the system with manually recorded dates, times and incident details.

Within the stand-alone system, processes and workflows were very much manual. Data tables, rules and formulas enabled monthly, quarterly and annual reporting and pivot tables, charts and graphs in Excel created the dashboard reporting. The final reporting was then eventually presented in PowerPoint. To achieve the required outcomes took approximately 20 different systems and was a very labour-intensive monthly exercise.

Importantly, the system was being saved on a shared drive with multiple versions causing confusion as to which was the most up to date. This presented the Trust with an array of issues, limitations and risks and although the team were meeting their objectives, there were many inefficiencies costing the team time and money.

One of the goals was to identify trends across the Trust for the high volume of incidents to enable them to understand the cause and introduce, where required, proactive measures to address the root causes.

It was also difficult to have an up to date and reliable oversight of:
  • The care of patients
  • Patients at risk
  • Repeat patients involved in incidents
  • Departments/Wards involved
  • False alarms
  • Repeat calls for maintenance

  • Completed work
  • Current status of incidents

  • Team workloads

After looking at systems and software in the market, the Trust’s security team identified that many solutions were just not tailorable enough to meet their requirements. The team then engaged with Altia to review and utilise its no-code SmartCase solution to record and manage all their needs in one central, easy to use, tailorable and secure, cloud-based solution.

North Bristol NHS Trust discussed its current system with Altia explaining it required a more robust, streamlined and automated solution to replace the existing system.

Accurate, reliable and timely data was needed, in the form of system driven dashboards, metrics and reports, to enable the security department to become “data-driven” in the decisions and actions taken around the services it delivered to the Trust, its patients and visitors.

With an innovative skill-set in the department, the team established an internal citizen developer, able to self-configure Altia’s SmartCase software into a solution able to meet the Trust’s exact needs. Utilising the depth and functionality of the product, and with its ease of use, the Trust can now self-develop and continually enhance the software to meet an ever-changing environment.

As a result, North Bristol NHS Trust now has a streamlined, automated solution for the reliable
collection and management of security and estates information, delivering:
  • A tailored multi-purpose solution meeting the Trust’s exact requirements
  • The incorporation of sector terminology and methodology to aid user experience

  • Centralised data storage and management – a single version of the truth
  • Incidents with date and time automatically recorded against each record
  • Automatic alerts when dealing with a patient with previously recorded incidents
  • An audit trail of incidents with drilled down analysis to identify trends and areas of concern
  • Powerful and easily configurable dashboard reporting tools creating management information at the touch of a button, saving the team many working days per month
  • A significant increase in efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

  • An enhanced user experience and an improved patient experience
  • An agile solution able to adapt as required by the Trust and offering solutions for other areas of the Trust including Estates Maintenance, Fire Advisors, Porters, Waste, Domestic Services and Health & Safety.

Additionally, using the experience gained so far, the team at North Bristol can now self-configure the
software to meet their new requirements for Lost and Found Property, Data Protection Management,
Planned Preventative Maintenance, Asset Control and Manning Control. It will further realise significant
savings in claims for the Trust as well as reducing costs on maintenance and repairs whilst ensuring
compliance with legislation.


…a powerful, agile tool with the ability to be configured into any business process…

“This is a powerful, agile tool with the ability to be configured into any business process or workflow required. Its ease of use has enabled me to rapidly develop and deploy solutions to eradicate inefficiencies, streamline processes and become a data-driven department. We have realised significant savings and efficiencies across key functions and now plan to deploy the software across other departments within the Trust to realise further efficiencies and create a connected environment.”

Ian Kibbey,
Physical Security Coordinator, North Bristol NHS Trust.

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