ESG at Altia.

Working to make the planet more sustainable, equitable, and safe.

Our 2023 company goal:
All employees can demonstrate the impact that they have had on the ESG strategy.


What we’re doing.

Our intelligence and investigation solutions empower organisations to make the world a safer place. We see, every day, how everything is connected – and we know that goes far beyond the work we do.

Our promise

Our ESG Strategy and Vision.

It is important to us that our strategy and initiatives are made visible to everyone, our ESG strategy encapsulates our actionable impact and ongoing goals to ensure we continue to strive towards a better future. Altia takes pride in being a socially conscious company, and takes accountability on social matters, principles of governance and environmental initiatives.


Our Environmental Commitment.

We are committed to achieving Net Zero by 2035 at the latest. Working with Positive Planet, we are developing a Carbon Reduction Plan that includes specific targets and actions to achieve net carbon zero by 2035.

We reduce waste by encouraging a paper free environment.

We recycle in our offices and go paperless whenever possible.

Our offices are being upgraded with energy efficient lighting.

We collaborate virtually, when possible, rather than travel.

Our numbers.

We continue to work with our key partners and suppliers to ensure that our software platform provider has sustainable cloud infrastructure. Our current provider, Microsoft Azure has committed to using 100% renewable sources by 2025, zero waste certification by 2030, as well as energy innovations for sustainable cloud technology.

ESG Statistics

Prioritising our people.

We empower our employees to understand and demonstrate their impact on the environment and society.

Our promise:

  1. By the end of 2023, every employee will have been given the opportunity for engagement within volunteering opportunities, charitable causes, work experience placements, coaching and mentoring, and offering ideas for further continued initiatives.
  2. We are committed to improving our employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) by way of focusing on the continual development of our people and culture.
  3. We will measure and share the achievements of our software where our solutions are actively promoting justice.

Diversity & Inclusion.

We live by our values to build partnerships that support diversity and inclusion. We will create a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone is respected and valued and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

Community engagement.

We will engage with the communities where we operate to understand their needs and concerns. We will work with local organisations to create programmes that promote sustainability and social responsibility.

We live by our values to build partnerships that support diversity and inclusion

  • Our processes ensure recruitment decisions are made solely on the suitability for the role.
  • We have signed the Mindful Employer charter and have trained mental health first aiders.

We actively encourage our team members to give back

  • Our charity partner is Embrace – Child Victims of Crime, aligning with our values. We collaborate with local and national charities.

  • We partner with local universities.
  • We take part in fundraising activities.

We closely track key metrics to make sure we quickly spot any issues

  • Monthly tracking of health and safety incidents.
  • Employee turnover and attrition rates.
  • Annual eNPS survey.

Cyber and information security.

We will maintain our security accreditations of ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and Cyber Essentials Plus by ensuring company-wide security procedures and policies are followed by way of educating our people and internal/external audit procedures. We will comply with the relevant regulations and conduct our business securely with information security as our top priority. We will continue to integrate information security across the organisation with monthly compliance training sessions, weekly security tips and audits.

Risk management.

We will identify and manage ESG risks that could impact our business. We will integrate ESG considerations into our risk management framework to ensure that we are prepared for potential risks and opportunities.

Ethics and compliance.

We will maintain the highest standards of ethics and compliance in our operations. We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and will conduct our business with integrity and honesty.

Transparency and accountability.

We will ensure our ESG performance is transparent and accountable. We will report our progress regularly to our stakeholders and seek feedback to improve our performance.

We’ve been ISO 27001 certified for five years.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

We run regular security and compliance training for all employees.

We continually monitor security incidents and report to the Board on a monthly basis.

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