Collaborate with Altia Community

A secure platform designed to empower victims, witnesses, and partners to contribute to investigations. By making it easy and secure to upload digital evidence, Altia Community helps build collaboration and enhances the investigative process.

Supports compliance with UK legislation, including but not limited to:


Human Rights Act

Investigatory Powers Act 2016

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Why choose Altia Community?

By quickly providing an easy to use, reliable and secure way to upload digital information into a case, you can build trust and confidence with members of the public and other community members.

Effortless Data Upload

Altia Community simplifies the process of uploading information from any device. It’s direct portal upload feature can be shared with anyone involved in an incident or situation, eliminating the need for manual retrieval and saving valuable time and resources.

Increased Information Collection

Encourage public participation and prompt responses to incidents with public appeals. Generate a link or QR code for immediate sharing, reducing digital forensic backlog by enabling victims and witnesses to submit evidence directly without surrendering personal devices.

Anonymous Reporting

Altia Community offers an anonymous reporting functionality, ensuring user identities remain confidential. This feature encourages individuals to share information without fear of identification, enhancing the scope of available data for investigations.

Flexible and efficient investigations

Information from users can be added directly into our case management system, Insight, or into a dedicated and easy to access data repository. This makes it easier to triage information gathered and to develop intelligence for use.

Join Altia Community and make a difference in investigations.

Fostering Public Engagement

Empowering collaborative responses for public safety

Altia Community enables the public to contribute relevant digital information with confidence, knowing it will be handled with care throughout the investigative process. By fostering collaboration and efficiency, Altia Community facilitates effective responses to current and future risks, safeguarding public safety.

A tried and trusted partner

Altia’s specialist expertise

Since 1996, Altia has been a trusted partner for over 340 businesses globally, including every law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. Now partnered with Microsoft, Altia offers cutting-edge solutions powered by the security, scalability, and efficiency of Microsoft Azure.

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What you can expect from working with Altia:

  • Built Using Cloud-Native Technology:
    Stay up-to-date with the latest security, flexibility, and resilience standards.

  • Security and Resilience:
    Ensure data protection with strict access controls, encryption, and 24/7 threat monitoring.

  • Always Up-to-Date:
    Enjoy regular updates and new features without the hassle of manual management.

  • Support and Service:
    Access a range of support services, including e-learning modules, virtual training, and technical support.

Other products.

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altia HQ: Bridging The Gap

Community is now a module on Altia HQ and is fully interoperable other investigation modules, including Insight, our case management module.

Explore an unrivalled range of interoperable investigation modules all in one place and build a solution that’s right for you. Learn more about Altia HQ:

Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /  Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /  Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /  Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /  Get hands-on with our new platform, Altia HQ. Schedule a demo now  /