Track and manage all aspects of any investigation. Low-code and highly configurable to your workflow. SmartCase works for you / everything you need for any investigation.

A comprehensive and flexible case management solution. With visuals and workflows for any purpose, manage your cases smarter and more efficiently. Your SmartCase. Your way.

A comprehensive and flexible case management solution


No more bespoke development. No more hidden fees for customisation.

SmartCase is a ‘smart’ platform designed to enhance the investigation process, no matter what your team’s focus is; whether that be fraud, human resource, loss prevention, anti-counterfeiting, crime, intelligence and more. Your use case. Your SmartCase.


Remove human error and minimise duplication. Build workflows and triggers that work to your process. Customise menus to specific teams or users.


No more switching between systems, all your information is in one place. API integration with other applications and external database and sources.

Unlock insights

Manage your cases smarter and more efficiently. Create and link cases, identify trends and links.


Manage and record investigation team activity. Record outcomes. Demonstrate compliance and best practice investigation standards.


Grows with your organisation’s and team’s workload. From one incident through to global investigations.

Evidentiary standard output

Ensures the right people have the right information to achieve your investigation goals. From customised reports, to full disclosure management.

No more hidden fees for customisation.

No more hidden fees for customisation.

SmartCase comes, as standard, with core investigation functionality. Additional industry specific features are available by sector. For example:

For everyone!

SmartCase has standard core features that are essential to risk management or investigations.

  • Data integration / upload
  • Configurable workflow and triggers – flexible drag and drop interface

  • Record activity / outcomes
  • Link multiple cases to an investigation

  • Tailored report, outcome and document preparation

For law enforcement

Additional features are available that have been designed for the demands of criminal investigations.

  • Court disclosure

  • Intelligence management – integration with our field intelligence tool, Verinote.

  • Financial investigator – integration with our financial investigation tools.

  • APIs integrate OSINT data

  • Firearms module

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Built by Altia specialists. Powered by our partners at Microsoft.

Since 1996, Altia has been trusted by 340 businesses globally, including every law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. Now partnered with Microsoft, Altia solutions are available as a managed service, levering the security, scalability, powerful cognitive services and cost efficiency of Microsoft Azure.

Cost efficient

Eliminate the expense of implementation and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure.

Always available

Microsoft Azure ensures high-availability, scalability and accessibility when you need it most.


With data centres globally, you can not only ensure data-sovereignty, but also geo-redundant resilience in the event of a disaster.

Highly secure

24/7 Monitoring of threats, have greater confidence your information is safe from cyber security incidents and remove capital expense and risk.

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