Altia Transcribe

Fast, accurate and powerful transcription from any medium, with the highest levels of security and a full evidentiary trail – saving you time and money.

Our fast, accurate, powerful transcription solution.

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Introducing Altia’s Transcribe

Track all changes with a change log, enabling you to keep a full audit trail, and ensure a copy of the evidence is kept in its original format.

User friendly dashboards enable you to easily upload recordings and manage them within the system, allowing you to locate and review evidence quickly.

Up to 98% accurate.
Processing speeds of three minutes for a 20 minute recording.

Tiered pricing

Affordable now to every agency.

Evidential compliance

All entries meet evidential standards.


Plug any media in and let Transcribe do the work. Transcribe does not restrict what media you choose to use.


Including live time transcription. Your transcription when you
need it. Processing speeds of up to 3 mins for 20 minute recording. Reduces delays in preparing court files.

Upload media for automatic full transcription.

No more hidden fees for customisation.


  • Accessible via desktop or mobile app

  • Secured by Altia’s Cloud, supported by Microsoft Azure

  • Regulatory and security compliant

  • Single sign on

  • Multi factor authentication

  • Role based access

  • Can be fully integrated with RMS / case management systems using API

  • Managed service


  • Full audit trail

  • Comprehensive change log

  • Date and time marked

  • Automatic speaker marking

  • Real-time classification for disclosure

  • Transcription linked to case reference

  • Can include justification for obtaining evidence e.g. warrant reference


  • Up to 98% accuracy

  • Rapid transcription

  • User friendly dashboards

  • Word based content search

  • Multi-lingual transcription

  • Bulk upload

  • Minute by minute consumption monitoring

  • Human Rights (Charter) and civil liberties compliant

  • Undercover and human source functionality

Built by Altia specialists. Powered by our partners at Microsoft.

Since 1996, Altia has been trusted by 340 businesses globally, including every law enforcement agency in the United Kingdom. Now partnered with Microsoft, Altia solutions are available as a managed service, levering the security, scalability, powerful cognitive services and cost efficiency of Microsoft Azure.

Cost efficient

Eliminate the expense of implementation and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure.

Always available

Microsoft Azure ensures high-availability, scalability and accessibility when you need it most.


With data centres globally, you can not only ensure data-sovereignty, but also geo-redundant resilience in the event of a disaster.

Highly secure

24/7 Monitoring of threats, have greater confidence your information is safe from cyber security incidents and remove capital expense and risk.

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