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Altia celebrates successful first year for Critical Incident software

The latest developments include a cloud-native version of CLIO and a national version of CLIO
enhancing the ability for multiple forces across multiple regions to collaborate.

Investigative tech firm, Altia, has revealed a successful first year for its critical incident software which has helped over three quarters of UK police forces.

Revealing a successful first year for its CLIO (Central Logging of Intelligence Operations) software, the technology is used by law enforcement departments and emergency services to enhance security during major public events.

Previously, CLIO had been used to manage a wide range of high profile events, including managing the response to COVID across a number of regions and high profile gatherings such as the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

Altia acquired Badger Software in 2023 and has since provided police forces with its flagship critical incident software, CLIO.

Under its new ownership, CLIO has solidified its position over the past 12 months, as the system of choice behind the most high-profile public gatherings. As well as being used during major events, CLIO is currently used by over 40 constabularies and other public sector organisations across the country, with Altia looking to build on its success in 2024 by expanding its reach and growing its service offering. The software’s adoption by such a substantial number of organisations demonstrates its widespread effectiveness and trust within the law enforcement community.

The latest developments include a cloud-native version of CLIO and a national version of CLIO enhancing the ability for multiple forces across multiple regions to collaborate.

The software is used in counter terrorism investigations, including in the immediate response to incidents, as well as in serious and organised crime cases such as man hunts, kidnaps, and extortion.

Developed in collaboration with police and emergency services, CLIO provides a tool to help them manage critical incidents and crimes in action.

CLIO is designed to bring structure to chaotic situations, offering a simple to deploy tool which ensures everyone is kept in the loop during fast-developing situations.

Allowing users to plan, test, and automate their operations, it gives users information in real-time, enabling them to make informed decisions and reduce human error as an incident unfolds.

Meanwhile, a comprehensive and incorruptible audit trail enables full accountability and evidential proof for use in any legal action or review processes following an incident.

Steve Voice, Head of CLIO, Altia, said: “It’s been an exciting year for CLIO which has seen it used at a number of major national events.

“The widespread adoption of the software across UK law enforcement agencies is a testament to its effectiveness and the support it can offer, providing flexibility and efficiency which is crucial when managing critical incidents.”

Rob Sinclair, Altia CEO, said: “Since we acquired Badger Software last year, we have seen the CLIO solution go from strength to strength.

“With enhanced capabilities and the most innovative technology now engrained within its makeup, CLIO provides the best possible support for law enforcement agencies, other public sector organisations and in the private sector in preparation for and during critical incidents.

“The CLIO team and product has been an excellent addition to Altia’s offering and we’re looking forward to growing this further in the year ahead.”

Based in Nottingham, Altia acquired Badger Software to further expand its offering of innovative solutions for intelligent investigation software.

CLIO software is now fully integrated with Altia’s advanced technologies, providing comprehensive tools and services to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Following a successful first year, Altia will look to further bolster Badger Software’s team to better serve customers, as well as expanding CLIO’s reach in new markets.

Specialising in innovative solutions for digital forensics and intelligence, Altia leverages advanced technologies, providing software tools and services to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporate entities.

Their expertise lies in extracting actionable insights from vast datasets and employing artificial intelligence and machine learning to uncover patterns and trends.

Altia’s solutions empower organisations to navigate complex investigations efficiently, ensuring swift and informed decision-making. With a focus on technological excellence, Altia plays a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of investigative teams and security professionals worldwide.

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