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Our solutions.

Altia HQ

Your comprehensive solution for seamless investigations.


Evidence and intelligence capture – anywhere, anytime


The critical incident management system you need when a crisis arises.


Case, incident and investigation management together in one place


Fast, accurate, and powerful transcription from any medium

Financial Investigator

Automating financial Investigations with powerful insights

Financial Investigation Toolkit

Uncover trends, patterns and relationships in finance data

OSINT Investigator

Securely ingest, process and analyse data for investigations


Easily upload data from any digital device


Ensure compliance, enforce policy and reduce risk with our end-to-end Covert Operations solution

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“All the police forces in the UK use Altia products, as do investigators in other national enforcement agencies and local authorities.”

“Their investigations can be completed in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required, and huge volumes of data aggregated into one place for detailed analysis. Our long-standing customer relationships mean we are also able to add in new features on an ongoing basis which investigators find they need. Altia software is relied on because it produces an audit trail which can be fully explained and interrogated in court.”

Stephanie Luson

Head of Global Customer Success Team