23rd April 2024

Altia signs pioneering new Police Industry Charter

Altia is proud to be a signatory of the pioneering new Policy Industry Charter.

The Charter reaffirms the commitment of police leaders to modernising the service and improving outcomes for victims. The agreement sets out five key principles for fostering collaboration between law enforcement agencies and industry partners, driving innovation, and enhancing capabilities to tackle evolving challenges.

The five principles:

1. Designing our products, services, and systems on the principle of Interoperability First

2. Adopting a Maximum Transparency by Default (MTBD) position for products and services

3. Supporting the professional development of practitioners and senior leaders

4. Supporting UK Policing in delivering sustainability

5. Collaboration and Partnership

Rob Sinclair, CEO Altia, said:

“At Altia we’ve been working with law enforcement for almost three decades, and every police force in the UK has at least one of our products.

“We are fully committed to working in partnership to make a difference to citizens and our communities and we’re delighted to be a signatory of this important new charter.

“We’re calling on other suppliers and supporters of the sector to get involved, too. Together, I believe we really can make the world a safer place and stay one step ahead of the technological advancements that criminals are deploying.”

As a long-standing software supplier to law enforcement, intelligence agencies and related corporate bodies, Altia’s products have been helping investigation and operational teams improve processes and insight to drive results.

Read more about the charter.

The Charter is monitored and managed by BlueLight Commercial in conjunction with NPCC, APCC, the Home Office, RISC and the Office of the Police Chief Scientific Adviser.

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