Altia provides software to support the International Testing Agency (ITA) in its intelligence and investigation activities during the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

The International Testing Agency (ITA) – an independent not-for-profit foundation dedicated to delivering anti-doping programmes – collaborated to pilot an initiative using Altia Software to facilitate gathering and sharing of information between intelligence and investigations units of anti-doping agencies and other integrity bodies globally in its delivery of the Anti-Doping Programme for the Winter Olympics.

The ITA is independently managing the anti-doping operations in the run-up to and during the Games.

The technology being used – SmartCase – has been developed by specialist intelligence and investigation software firm, Altia, to transform how organisations gather, use and securely share highly sensitive information, between partners, for investigation purposes.

“Information sharing, intelligence, source processing and data analysis have become increasingly important in the fight against doping. For major events such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, with delegations of athletes from all over the world, we need to ensure that all organisations involved can easily share information with us to ensure fair play and integrity of major events. Through the pilot collaboration, Altia’s SmartCase platform provides us, and key stakeholders involved, with a simple and reliable access point to aggregate and manage information”, the ITA Head of Intelligence and Investigations, Nicholas Raudenski said.

“A critical part of our role is to facilitate the exchange of information related to possible anti-doping violations between multiple agencies and organisations. Altia’s SmartCase technology is at the heart of that – enabling the capture and sharing of highly sensitive information.

“Because SmartCase is a flexible solution it could be configured quickly and easily to our very specific requirements for the Winter Olympics. By having all the intelligence in one secure platform, we’ll be able to carry out thorough investigations and take action against doping where necessary.”

Rob Sinclair, CEO, Altia added:

“Everyone at Altia couldn’t be prouder to know our technology has a role to play in helping make the Winter Olympics fair.

“It’s fantastic to see our SmartCase platform enabling organisations and individuals to share information with complete confidence and to make sure doping has no place in the Games.

“We’ve been helping the police and law enforcement agencies for almost 30 years – providing them with the technology they need to manage even the most sensitive covert and overt operations and we’re delighted we can now offer this expertise to other businesses and organisations.”

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