For release 23rd May 2024

Altia recognised as one of the Nation’s best workplaces for staff development

Altia has been listed as one of the top companies across the country for developing and furthering its employees’ careers, with 94% of its workers believing they are provided with comprehensive training to advance professionally.

The Nottingham-based leading investigation software firm has been ranked at 38 in the UK’s Best Workplaces for Development™ 2024, medium-sized category, by Great Place To Work®.

The UK’s Best Workplaces for Development™ list celebrates companies that provide outstanding experiences for professional growth and development, as well as a positive work culture and benefits programme.

Reacting to the listing, Altia CEO Rob Sinclair said:

“Our employees at the heart of everything we do, so we’re naturally thrilled that the team here feels supported and that we’ve made significant progress in providing learning and development opportunities.

“This has been a key area of investment and focus as part of our growth and innovation strategy,” he added. “Knowing that these efforts are making a positive impact on our team is fantastic news.”

Altia, which recently moved to new headquarters on Kirtley Drive, Nottingham, has made significant investment in its learning and development platform.

The investigative software company tested several platforms before identifying one that the company felt was inclusive and offered a variety of training from highly technical skills through to soft skills.

The platform has been received well by employees. As well as 94% believing they are offered relevant training to advance their careers, some 91% feeling they have the necessary resources to perform their jobs effectively.

Meanwhile, Altia’s positive work culture is highlighted with 90% of employees acknowledging that management recognises honest mistakes as part of the business development and learning process and 100% agreeing they were treated fairly, regardless of their age, race or sex.

Great Place to Work is a global authority on workplace culture and uses employee surveys to help guide organisations in building a strong work environment.

Its certification process captures valuable employee feedback using its research-driven Trust Index™ survey of more than 240,000 employees across the UK, as well as compiling information on a company’s culture, benefits, and approach to development, to benchmark its value proposition against the culture employees experience.

Altia’s ranking in the Best Workplaces for Development List builds upon the company’s strong track-record in delivering an environment where employees can thrive, with the company being previously listed in Great Place to Work’s top 100 Best Workplaces list in March this year.

Listed in the UK Medium Business category, 93% of employees said Altia was a great place to work, compared to 54% of employees at a typical UK-based company.

Meanwhile, employees highlighted numerous initiatives for why they enjoy working at Altia, including its generous annual leave package, bonus schemes, healthcare, and flexible working policy. Additionally, they cited how employee mental health is a high priority for the business.

Sarah Venn, Head of HR & Compliance, Altia:

“We are thrilled to receive this certification for learning and development, which complements our existing Great Place to Work certification and Best Workplaces Listing for an SME.

“This recognition is testament to our relentless efforts to create a workplace where every employee has the opportunity to learn and grow. We believe that our greatest asset is our people and investing in their ongoing development is crucial to our success.

“This certification not only acknowledges our past achievements, but also inspires us to continue to focus on what a supportive growth-orientated workplace we can continue to be.

“Our employee feedback has enabled us to build on an exceptional workplace where everyone can achieve their fullest potential.”

Headquartered in Nottingham, Altia specialises in innovative solutions for digital intelligence and investigation, leveraging advanced technologies while providing software tools and services to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and corporate entities.

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