Today, the RSPCA, the UK’s largest animal welfare charity, announced it is adopting an innovative new technology to support investigations into animal welfare – speeding up the secure collection of intelligence about animal neglect, cruelty and abuse.

The technology – Capture – has been developed by specialist intelligence and investigation software firm, Altia, to transform how organisations gather and use information gathered in the field.

Capture is a digital notetaking system and will replace the need for paper notebooks to document conversations, decisions, observations and interviews. The highly secure software, which is one of the only systems on the market to work on any device, stores the notes in the cloud allowing users to search and access information in real time, improving both security and efficiencies.

Graine Casey, Head of the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, and a former Police Detective Superintendent said:

“Our frontline rescue officers currently use paper pocket notebooks to record information for investigations. By using Capture we will save so much time not having to collect, store and securely dispose of paper notebooks which will allow us to do the important work of being there for the animals most in need.

“The software will also mean the information officers record is shareable and searchable and is much more secure. They will also be able to add photos and recordings on to their notes so all the potential evidence is in one place.

“The RSPCA may be nearly 200 years old but we are committed to being a modern, dynamic charity which embraces new technologies which help us help animals more effectively.

“We are very excited to be able to roll this new technology from Altia out to frontline officers.”

In 2020 the RSPCA cruelty line received 1,016,455 calls from members of the public – one call every 30 seconds – and investigated 57,000 complaints of animal cruelty in England and Wales.

Rob Sinclair, CEO of Altia, said:

“Physical note taking is inefficient, expensive to procure and makes it hard to get the information back to case handlers. Capture removes these problems and provides investigation teams with compliant actionable intelligence instantly and securely.

“Altia is delighted to be supporting the RSPCA in their drive to carry out the best possible investigations to hold people to account for any wrong-doing towards animals.”

Brice Neilson, Altia’s Global Chief Information Officer, added:

“The work RSPCA inspectors and investigators do to prevent animal abuse, neglect and bring offenders to justice is at the very core of what the community expects for our vulnerable animals. Being given the opportunity to support the RSPCA is one of Altia’s proudest moments. If our software saves just one animal’s life, or brings an animal cruelty offender to justice, then we have achieved something quite marvellous.

“Having Capture support the daily operations of RSPCA inspectors and investigators will save time and increase operational capacity, meaning more time can be spent protecting vulnerable animals and less time in the office completing paperwork or re-keying critical information. The money saved through the adoption of Capture can then be redirected to prevention, detection, and disruption activities to put an end to these horrible crimes.

“From an information governance perspective, Altia will be securing and protecting the RSPCA’s and the community’s most sensitive information.”

16 frontline rescue officers, who work across England and Wales, are using Capture before it is rolled out to all of the team – saving the Society thousands of pounds in purchasing, storing and disposing of paper notebooks.

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